personal training

Personal Training

Don’t let the past dictate your future.  Let your present self manifest your future being.

“You are what you repeatedly do.  Excellence therefore is not a virtue but a habit” - Aristotle

This is the guiding principle of sucess. 

Just show up.

That’s it!

It’s simple but sinister because it’s not easy.  Your mind, your motivation and your willpower will fail you.


AND THAT'S WHY you need to have someone to hold you accountable.  Because let’s face it, you know what to do (sorta, kinda …) but your mind plays tricks on you.  And when you’re weak, it’s easy to get off track and stay off track.

A personal trainer is more than just someone to count your reps for you.  They’re there in the morning making sure you’re turning up.

They’re your ‘conscience’ when you know you’re doing something that’s going to sabotage your results.

Personal training is a commitment to your health and wellbeing for now and your future self.  By taking on a personal trainer, you are saying yes you are ready to accept change.

What I offer:

  • Client specific workout programs - Address your fitness goals and improve your movement/mobility to prevent injury and increase performance 

  • Nutrition/Habit Coaching - to support body composition goals and healthy lifestyle choices 

  • One on one personal training - to hold you accountable to get your workouts done and to provide guidance and feedback on exercise form for safe and effective training. 


$80 per 45 minute session

Multi session packages available.


Inner West Sydney

There's no 'perfect' time to get started, If you've been struggling to make a change on your own, contact me to schedule a discovery call.

During the call we'll discuss your fitness goals, obstacles and level of commitment/motivation to understand what's held you back in the past.  Then we'll go through your current lifestyle, work and family commitments and identify how you can incorporate fitness into your schedule for maximum impact.  I'll also tell you about me and how I work with clients and provide you with some recommendations on how we can work together so you can make an informed decision about how best to achieve your fitness goals.


What's online training?

Online training is a self paced training program design specifically for you to achieve your fitness goals.  It's delivered via a mobile app.  You simply complete the workouts and follow prompts as scheduled on your calendar.  

Online training is a great way to have a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost without the problem of schedule conflicts because you can access your workouts any time!

Do you offer one on one personal training as well.

One on one training is available for clients in the inner west.

When can I start to see results?

Every body is different.  Depening on your level of commitment and consistency, most people start seeing results from 6 to 12 weeks.  Just remember that you're only competing against yourself so stick to the plan and keep going!

Do I have to miss out on social outings and yummy foods?

A healthy and fit body is supported by healthy choices for the mind AND body. Social outings are a great way to nourish your needs for community, support and interaction.  Your personal trainer will provide you with strategies to help you socialise whilst sticking to your program.

Do I have to workout every day or workout for hours to see results?

Depending on your fitness goals your workout duration will vary.  Your personal trainer will design your workouts to support your goals without spending hours exercising. 

Do you guarantee results?

Yes, If you follow your initial program and don’t look or feel better, I’ll give you your money back.

For refunds, please allow 30 days to process your request and for funds to appear in your bank account.

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